The Essential Series Field Notes

Lully Selb x bookuu

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In the days of being plugged in our phones, we still believe in the practice of carrying pen and paper whenever we’re out and about in case inspiration strikes! That’s why we created the hand-stitch Field Notes bundle.

Compact enough for your handbag and in a set of 3 bestselling prints, there’s no excuse to not jot down that brilliant idea or just simply even your grocery list.


  • Height: 148mm / 5.83"
  • Width: 100mm / 3.94"
  • Thickness: 5mm / 0.20"

Measurements (Inserts):

  • 80gsm white paper inserts
  • 40 Plain pages
  • 300gsm watercolour paper printed cover
  • Saddle hand-stitch binding

NOTE: As this is a Made-To-Order handmade product, your order will take 3 to 5 working days to be fulfilled including delivery.