LullySelb x bookuu

collaboration /kəlabəˈreɪʃn/
noun: the action of working with someone to produce something.

In light of the upcoming holiday season, bookuu is so excited to collaborate with @lullyselb on a few stationery projects this year end that are perfect for all you paper products lovers!

A6 Field Notes - The Singapore & Essential Series
In the days of being plugged in our phones, we still believe in the practice of carrying pen and paper whenever we’re out and about in case inspiration strikes! That’s why we created the Field Notes bundle. Compact enough for your handbag and in a set of 3 bestselling prints, there’s no excuse to not jot down that brilliant idea or just simply even your grocery list.

Minty Fresh 2021 Planner
Who else is with us in just wishing 2020 is over and done with? With that in mind, we picked Minty Fresh for a literal brand new start in 2021! With an emphasis of the uplifting green palette and bold hand-drawn chevrons, we designed it with an overall sense of nature and wellness in mind. With a monthly overview and weekly prompts to plan your schedule, we’re just wishing for the next few months to fly by so we can start writing our new year in!